Our Story
Inspiring clients to find Happiness with holistic mind-body solutions

Arise Asia Ltd. is one of Asia's leading health and wellbeing company by using holistic mind-body solutions to support clients.

Ancient Latin wisdom teaches us: "Mens Sana in Corpora Sano" - "A healthy mind in a healthy body." Arise Asia Ltd. was founded on this very concept that mental and physical health are interconnected. When one of these aspects is out of balance, it can have a ripple effect on the other. Today, we believe everyone deserves accessible, trustworthy and professional guidance on wellbeing to achieve their full potential.

Arise Asia Ltd.

Advocates for a remote company structure. We are offering health solutions for our employees and clients beyond the limitations of borders. In a world of globalisation, we take Remote Health to the next level by building a supportive global health community and providing quality access to health care .

Our SolutionsOur Solutions

Our vision is to create a world where mental health is a priority and wellbeing is no longer the exception but the norm.

Our latest solution, “Open Heart”, is an online mental health care platform connecting clients with experienced mental health specialists via telehealth and tailored in-person overseas residential retreats. on wellbeing to achieve their full potential.

Developed by industry experts, it is a one-stop solution for personalised mental health care and wellbeing, providing ease and quality service for clients and practitioners alike.

  • Our Team
  • Dr. Julia Alisha Andre
    Dr. Andre is a CREA Global Award Winner – in recognition of her remarkable contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

    Dr. Andre is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and an experienced Accredited Applied Practice Supervisor. After completing her PhD (Psychology) in 2016 from the University of Hong Kong and specialist training in trauma treatment, Julia has rapidly and independently built a successful full-time clinic. Julia is the visionary of this project. She is firm in pushing forward her vision of creating a world in which everyone can achieve optimal mental health.
  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan takes up a lead role in business development and operations at Arise Asia Ltd. He has raised technology funding from the Hong Kong government to kick-start this project.

    Concurrently, Ryan is the director of a private investment company. Previously, he had experience in corporate banking. He began his banking work as a management associate at HSBC.

    Ryan received his BSc from The University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business).
  • Dimitrios Tsaras
    Dimitrios takes up a lead role in Artificial Intelligence Solutions development at Arise Asia Ltd. He co-developed Arise Asia's GenAI solution - PsychGPT.

    Concurrently, Dimitrios is a researcher at Huawei (role: machine learning, research, artificial intelligence) and former Meta Software Engineer.

    Dimitrios is working towards his PhD (computer science) from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2024).
  • Alanna Sethi
    Alanna is the Human Capital Manager and Head of Wellness of Arise Asia Ltd. She is also the Founder of HOPE (HelpingOurPlanetEarth), focusing on increasing accessibility to mental health resources and support for young people globally.

    Alanna’s educational background in Human Resources stems from studying: Managing Social and Human Capital by the University of Pennsylvania. Having been trained in Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Alanna values and implements Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

    Alanna is a certified yoga instructor. In recognition for her contributions to the community, she was shortlisted for the Woman of Wellness Award.

    Additionally, she is working towards a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Toronto.
  • Stanley Chung
    Stanley manages the IT and Systems of Arise Asia Ltd.

    Concurrently, Stanley is the director of Topwins System Company.
Dr. Julia Alisha Andre,
Winner of Crea Global Award