Our Story
It all started over a cup of coffee.

Two friends found themselves at a crossroads in bustling Hong Kong. Julia, a clinical psychologist with an unyielding passion for mental health advocacy, had successfully grown her private practice but struggled to meet the never-ending demand. Meanwhile, Ryan, an entrepreneurial enthusiast with a penchant for innovation, navigated the tumultuous waters of the corporate world.

Driven by her experiences in the field, Julia was frustrated by the barriers preventing individuals from accessing quality therapy and the burnout culture among therapists. Meanwhile, Ryan, with his business acumen, saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between those in need and the therapists who could help them sustainably. The seeds of their groundbreaking idea were sown during one of their regular meetups at their favourite coffee shop.

Arise Asia Ltd.

Advocates for a remote company structure. We are offering health solutions for our employees and clients beyond the limitations of borders. In a world of globalisation, we take Remote Health to the next level by building a supportive global health community and providing quality access to health care .

Our Solutions

Our vision is to create a world where mental health is a priority and wellbeing is no longer the exception but the norm.

Our latest solution, “Open Heart”, is an online mental health care platform connecting clients with experienced mental health specialists via telehealth and tailored in-person overseas residential retreats. on wellbeing to achieve their full potential.

Developed by industry experts, it is a one-stop solution for personalised mental health care and wellbeing, providing ease and quality service for clients and practitioners alike.

  • Our Team
  • Dr. Julia Alisha Andre
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Julia has been recognized as a CREA Global Award Winner for her outstanding contributions to sustainability and mental health initiatives. She is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and an Accredited Applied Practice Supervisor who has built a thriving full-time clinic on her own. With her extensive experience, she is passionate about advancing her goal of creating a world where everyone can attain optimal mental health.
  • Ryan Chen
    CBO, Co-Founder
    Ryan has a diverse professional background that covers business development, operations, private investment and corporate banking. He was able to successfully secure technology funding from the Hong Kong government to initiate this project. He is enthusiastic about both conventional and innovative fundraising strategies, including the Co-owner model in the form of preference shares.
  • Alanna Sethi
    Head of Wellness
    Human Capital Manager
    Alanna has a strong foundation in understanding human behaviour and mental wellness. Her expertise stems from her studies in Psychology, background as a certified yoga instructor and training in Disability Accessibility, with a focus on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and workplace well-being. Alanna is the recipient of the Youth Leaders Award (2024) in recognition of her contributions to the mental health field in Asia-Pacific.
  • Stanley Chung
    IT Manager
    Stanley's dynamic role goes beyond the routine management of technology; it encompasses strategic vision and technical expertise. By effectively leveraging our internal technology, he not only ensures the efficient operation of telehealth, payment, and booking services but also positions our organization at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of technology-driven healthcare and customer services.
Dr. Julia Alisha Andre,
Winner of Crea Global Award