Trauma Treatment Reinvented
Your Guide to Healing

In the past 40 years, there have been significant advancements in trauma treatment, and an increasing number of people are now aware of how trauma affects their physical and mental health. However, finding suitable and effective clinicians and treatment options can be a challenging process.

At Open Heart, aligned with our mind-body approach, we are committed to offering more than just "trauma-informed" care.

We provide access to holistic, integrative residential and daytime trauma treatment options in Asia. We have handpicked and approved trauma specialists with extensive training and experience in the latest waves of trauma treatment.

We aim to help you regain your quality of life.

Trauma Treatment Options
  • Holistic Residential Programme

    If you are looking for a trauma treatmentprogram that takes care of everything and allows you to focus solely on your healing journey, our residential treatment options are the best choice for you. You won't have to worry about ongoing stress, work responsibilities, or household chores.Those programmes offer a well-rounded 14-day or 28-day residential stay that combines fitness and wellness sessions with evidence-based clinical approaches to ensure complete emotional and mental healing. Here you can focus on using your body as a healing mechanism to release tension and stress, which is crucial to achieving overall well-being.

  • Holistic Daytime Programme

    If you're seeking integrative trauma treatment, but can't leave the comfort of your home for an extended period, we've got you covered. Daytime Programmes allow you to create a schedule that fits your busy work or home life. You'll have access to highly trained trauma specialists who will help you overcome your trauma, and you can handpick additional physical and wellness modules to compliment your work with your trauam specialist.

  • Hand picked & Approved Trauma Specialist

    Trauma specialists are carefully selected and undergo specialized training beyond their basic qualifications. They have a proven track record of successful trauma treatment and often specialize in various therapy approaches such as Schema therapy, EMDR therapy, Brain Spotting, Internal Family System Therapy, Attachment and polyvagal theories, Gestalt therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Neurofeedback.

How can Trauma Treatment Benefit You?
  • Removal of mental obstacles and neurological blocks
  • Increased focus, clarity, and calmness
  • Boosted confidence and improved self-esteem
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better memory retention
  • Elevated mood
  • Elimination of obsessive thoughts and behaviors
  • Reduced or eliminated triggered responses
  • Dramatic reduction in anxiety, depression, and anger
  • Increased motivation and drive
  • Improved inspiration and a new sense of direction
  • Enhanced relationships and overall quality of life
  • Elimination of targeted negative beliefs
  • No need to revisit a therapist for the same issues.
Here are some examples of situations where holistic trauma therapy can help
  • Recent events such as natural disasters, public violence, medical trauma, car accidents, or work-related traumas
  • Ongoing traumatic stress experienced by first responders, frontline medical workers, those dealing with racial trauma, domestic violence, gender or LGBTQ trauma, the stresses of COVID, or cancer
  • Stuck beliefs and fears that are blocking progress, such as avoidance of exercise, overeating, performance issues in sports, writing, or music, or considering a career or lifestyle change
  • Childhood traumas also knows as CPTSD, including abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual), neglect, attachment wounds, bullying, death of loved ones, and religious or cult trauma

Holistic Trauma Treatment can provide the support needed to overcome these challenges and move forward.

  • Holistic Residential Programme Provider

    The Lighthouse Bali is proud to offer the only dedicated trauma intensive programmes of their kind in Southeast Asia.

    The unique trauma programmes support clients to overcome the obstacles that were caused by traumatic events in the past, and provide the tools needed to move forward in a life filled with peace and happiness.

    We are just starting. If you are the owner or manager of a residential treatment facility and want to implement and provide trauma programmes, please get in contact. We help develop programmes and provide ongoing consultancy for clinical and non-clinical staff.

  • Holistic Daytime Programme Care Providers

    The body works optimally when there is proper nutrition and lifestyle, having a healthy mind, and achieved good physical healing. Our team of integrative health professionals ranging from nutritionist, Psychologists, Physiotherapist, acupuncturist to bioresonance practitioners work together in coordinated care to help the body to achieve optimal healing.

    We are just starting. If you are the owner or know any functional medicine price practice interested in treating trauma sinteractively, please get in touch with us. We also help to develop programs and provide consultancy.

  • Hand-picked & Approved Trauma Specialists

    Experienced trauma specialists have the opportunity to apply for our featured and handpicked lists of trauma providers. Our aim is to make trauma therapy more accessible to everyone.

    Once approved, the therapist will receive a FREE listing on our platform.

    If you share our mission and would like to grow with us, please get in touch using the contact form below.

    Apply here to become featured as Trauma Specialist

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